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BMC can support your due diligence by evaluating Five key areas​:

People / SG&A - we dig into the company culture, management team, hiring process, environmental and safety factors that effect company employees. BMC will evaluate the gap and suggest recommendation to improve this organizational facet.

System / Process – Understanding all aspects of the production system from engineering, manufacturing, quality, shipping and supplier analysis enables us to generate key improvement recommendations that improve the production process.

Strategy - Determine capabilities and capacities of the organization that are underutilized and can be expanded for overall growth.  We partner with you in generating a VCP (value creation plan) for the short/mid-term.


Performance – We connect action to performance measurement.  We assist in developing and determining KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) that allow implementation to be tracked and scaffold to organizational outcomes.  This process breaks down big picture thinking into manageable, relate-able, and measurable performance indicators for processes and people.   Simply put, we define and measure what success means.

Facilities / ESG - From consolidation opportunities to air-leak analysis, our team is experienced and equipped to provide analysis, address facility needs, and execute on these improvement plans.

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