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Our Approach


Scot D., Partner

MiddleGround Capitol

Banner is able to study the shop floor, quickly understand the current condition and make a plan for improvement.  However, the real value they provide is teaching our Operations teams to see the opportunities for improvement and make changes to eliminate waste and improve processes for our team members.  Their ability to coach and teach truly sets them apart from other firms I’ve worked with.

Kevin M., General Manager

Hartford Finishings

Partnering with Banner has not only brought us significant improvement to our shop floor, it has taught us as an organization the tools and approach needed to move forward on  our continuous improvement path.  

Anna D., 

Private Medical Practice

Our overhead was reduced to a level previously thought unattainable.  Even our CPA was impressed!  Banner helped bring to light redundancies in our practice,  bring the team together, and the implement changes.  We've had several patients state our office runs like a well oiled machine.