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At Banner, we assist from Opportunity-to-Implementation.

Our Project Management offering includes:

1.  Project Selection – partnered with your management team, consensus is reached on projects that will be implemented.  These projects are vetted by opportunity, feasibility, and risk. Projects can be directly managed by our team or we can serve as a coach to an internal project lead.

2.  Planning – Our project managers follow a proven iterative continuous improvement methodology. After some initial problem solving with SME's (subject matter experts), a team is selected from various stakeholders to champion the project. Designs are created for data reporting, KPIs, and change management.

3.  Implementation – We resolve problems, implement solutions, and create real measurable results.   

4.  Reflection – Our team will summarize results and synthesize changes with stakeholders.  This internal learning opportunity allows team members to take ownership and resolve real "root" issues. 

5Iteration – After a period of reflection, the next set of actions to drive the results further as set in place.  Once initial desired performance levels are reached, follow-up and sustainment audits are put in place to ensure performance sustainment.


Project Cycles

6.  Project Dashboards - Our clients have access to their own BMC-created project specific dashboard; visually tracking project goals, tasks, and status real time.

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